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" Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. "
Salvador Dalí
Spanish Surrealist artist

From the Showcase Section

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" Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. "
Pablo Picaso
Spanish artist

From the Tutorials Section


Easy Animated 3D People with ActorCore

You can never have enough 2d people. I’ve always said that, and this is true and more when it comes to 3d people. But to be more specific, it is really about the variety of motion that we need. More mocap animation without the complexity of capturing it. That is where ActorCore comes to play as you’ll see Paco Barruguer’s work with it in Blender.

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Making of Aland Islands House

Aland Islands House immediately captured my attention. It is a Blender-based project that looks super good and showcases both still and animation work done by a very skilled artist and fantastic final results. Worthy of exploring how it was made.

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Chaos Corona 8 Released

Out with the “Old” and in with the “New.” Corona Renderer is now entirely in the brand and called Chaos Corona, with both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D versions released on the same day.

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Making of Les Davis Winery

A simple scene and simple composition and yet so striking as an image. Follow Arthur Neveu as he describes his two-day process making of Les Davids Winery visualization.

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Become a raumgleiter! CGI Artist wanted.

We are virtual globetrotters – founded in 2000 and with our home base in Zürich (Switzerland) and a growing branch in Budapest (Hungary) since 2016. Our passion is making virtual spaces real and creating images of the future that support people in their decision-making with architectural visualizations, 3D modeling, and innovative software developments. We are a fantastic crew of 40 employees from 20 countries with an open seat available – for you!

Your Profile

  • You have deep knowledge and experience in the visualization business.
  • A degree in the field of architecture or in other creative field of study is an advantage, but is not absolutely required.
  • You are flexible and curious, interested in innovation and workflow effectiveness.
  • You have very good skills in 3ds max and Corona Renderer, Photoshop and other software (Plug-Ins, Animation, Postproduction etc.)
  • You have a good sense and a good eye for atmosphere, light and composition.
  • You are looking forward to work in a team with lively exchange and support.
  • You speak English well (our working language); Hungarian or German would be an advantage
    You have a valid working permission in the European Union.

Your Tasks

  • You will lead CGI projects (still images, optional also animations, panorama tours etc.) independently and efficiently, based on delivered architectural plans, design briefings and other information.
  • You will ensure highest aesthetic quality in compliance with the deadlines.
  • You will communicate with the team manager in the main office in Zürich (Switzerland).
  • You will be embedded in a team with a lively exchange of knowledge, and a great support to each other.

Polytown Media LTD

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